Knife Gate Valves

Knife gate valves are used to isolate and in some cases, control the flow rate of pipelines that carry slurries, or other process fluids that are not suitable for conventional control valves. 

Knife gate valves differ from conventional gate valves (slab gates, parallel slide gates, etc.) in that they have a single gate which is designed to cut through thick process streams, or even cut through rocks that may be present.

Knife gates can generally be broken into three categories of sealing technology:

  • Perimeter seated (where the seat and the gate form a seal on the perimeter edge of the gate)
  • Face seated (where the seat and the gate form a seal on the face of the gate)
  • Push through seated (where the gate physically moves through the seating area such as O-port or dual elastomer sleeves)

In our experience, knife gates face the most challenging processes in industry and often when a valve is not performing well it is because it is simply misapplied. Spartan Controls has a unique combination of experience, product offerings, and industry-driven solutions to help reliably procure both automated and manual knife gate valves.

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