Dampers & Louvres

Damper valves are typically used in ducts or large pipes when control or isolation of air or gas is required. 

Most dampers are fabricated from plates as they are usually designed to meet the specific process conditions of an application. From controlling air flow into a boiler, to controlling the discharge or mixture of hot exhaust gases in vent stacks or the production of sulfuric acid, each application is unique.

The most common type of damper is a fabricated butterfly valve, but there are also gate (aka guillotine), louvers, and diverters. When selecting the proper valve shutoff is typically a key consideration and different seat technologies will give you different levels of leakage rate. Care should be given to application as coating/scaling are often issues and different seat designs will give different results. Other considerations related to modulating the position of the damper, temperature and pressure requirements, and fugitive emissions.

Since every application is unique, it is essential to have an experienced professional from Spartan assist in helping you to design and select the proper solution for you. 

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