Perar S.p.A. has been manufacturing high quality ball valves in Italy since 1962 and was one of the first in the market to do so.  

Perar began supplying ball valves to the local Italian gas production and distribution market and has since grown steadily over 5 decades to become one of the world’s largest privately owned ball valve manufacturers.  This continuous growth and development has enabled Perar to consistently serve all industrial sectors with high quality dependable products.

The ball valve product range includes both soft and metal seating, and floating and trunnion design in all common metallurgies and exotic alloys from ½”-68”.  All Perar’s valve designs are fit for purpose and custom engineered to meet the customers’ needs.  The unique characteristics of Perar valves allow them to comfortably handle the demands of both low temp cryogenic service such as LNG as well as high temp severe service such as SAGD as seen in the Canadian oilsands. 

With this technology Perar has become the de facto standard in well pad isolation valves where temperature and the abrasivity of the produced emulsion becomes a challenge.

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