Fisher 4320

The Fisher 4320 wireless position monitor is a non-contacting wireless position transmitter and limit switch.

It is a rugged measurement device that provides a precise wireless feedback signal to indicate equipment position with a percent (%) of span plus on/off indication. The 4320 can be used to monitor equipment such as valves, sliding-stem regulators, displacement and float level sensors, and relief valves without the need for running wires.

The 4320 uses a linkage-less feedback design that eliminates direct contact with the measured device  eliminating physical contact and wear. IEC 62591/WirelessHART communication protocol, operating at 2.4 Ghz, is utilized and is approved for use globally.

Instrument calibration and commissioning is performed with a push button and LCD interface. This simplicity eliminates the need for tools or the setting of cams during setup, saving you time.

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