Fisher E-body Valve

The Fisher E-body globe control valve family has industry leading technical features and can be configured to handle virtually any challenging process condition. Fisher E-bodies feature multiple quick change trim choices in an unmatched variety of material choices, flow characterizations and CV selections to suit a variety of service conditions. Special drop in place cavitation and noise control trim solutions are available and can be retrofitted into standard valves. Standard cage guided trim offerings provide oversize ports with large capacity compared to competitor valves, heavy duty guiding and excellent control with low process variability and positive shutoff.

Fisher pressure balanced trim design also provides low off balance operating forces and enables the use of field proven Fisher diaphragm actuators, which provide highly accurate control and can be used with Fisher DVC series FIELDVUE digital positioners.  Conventional unbalanced trim is also available in a multitude of port sizes to match any process CV requirement down to special low flowrates without the use of special small control valves.

Special industry body and trim material requirements such as those specified by UOP specifications and NACE compliance, amongst others can be met with the Fisher E body valve series.  Alternate angle body constructions can be provided also.  High process temperature constructions rated to 593C (1,100F) are available, as well as low temperature constructions rated down to -198C (-325F).  Fisher Enviro-Seal packing in standard and extreme temperature materials is available on all Fisher E body valves, which also feature best in class valve 4 rms stem finishes to minimize fugitive emissions.

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