Fisher Control ValvesValve noise, when extreme can threaten employee safety, well-being, warns of valve instability and pipeline vibration that can shorten equipment life. 

Control valve manufacturers now offer specially designed valve trims that employ various mechanisms to reduce gas, steam or vapor flow noise levels. While these specially designed noise abatement trims may prove effective, their maximum performance levels fall short of that demanded by high pressure drop and high flow rate installation.

Fisher WhisperFlo trim is a concept in multi-path, multistage, acoustic energy management that reduces valve-caused aerodynamic noise by as much as 40 dBA. The performance capability of WhisperFlo trim surpasses conventional noise trims by 5 to 10 dBA and offers a noise attenuation ability that delivers predicted noise levels consistently, avoiding the costly need to recalculate and retrofit valves in order to meet performance promises. 

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