FIsher TBX

Fisher ControlsValves TBXThe Fisher TBX Steam Conditioning Control Valve consolidates proven Fisher Control Valve and noise attenuation technologies and the Fisher TBX-T spraywater manifold desuperheater into one package to handle your toughest steam letdown and turbine bypass applications in the power and process industry. 

Valve trims and spray nozzles are designed using the most advanced finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamic modeling to give you optimized performance and reliability on demanding steam applications.

The control valve package utilizes patented Bore Seal technology to maintain long-term tight shutoff. The trims are designed to allow for thermal expansion during startups, shutdowns and transient conditions. The Fisher Whisper trim noise attenuating technology can reduce noise levels up to 30-40 dBA. The desuperheating section strategically places the optimal number of AF spray nozzles to produce a spray pattern which allows optimal mixing and quick vaporization at a wide range of flow conditions. 

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