Rotary Valves

Offering the lowest price/capacity ratio in the industry, rotary control valves now make up a significant portion of the market. 

With the inherent advantage of higher capacity, coupled with the advent of erosion resistant materials and trim designs, rotary control valves are now branching into areas previously dominated by the sliding stem class of control valve. The wide variety of rotary control valve designs now available can make the selection process an arduous one. Full bore, reduced port, high performance butterfly, eccentric plug, all have their advantages and limitations.

Let Spartan’s application engineers simplify your rotary valve selection process by sifting through the details of the application and proposing solutions that capitalize on the advents of the rotary control valve design. Erosion control, cavitation, noise, and capacity are all requirements our engineers take into account when selecting from Fisher’s full line of rotary valves. 

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