Fisher DLC3010 Digital Level Controller

Used in conjunction with the 249 series level sensors, the DLC3010 level transmitter offers the most accurate and sensitive displacer style level sensing for your most demanding liquid level, interface level, or density service. 

Changes in level or specific gravity exert a buoyant force on a displacer, which rotates a torque tube shaft. The digital level controller converts this rotational motion to an electronic signal utilizing either HART or FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocols.

In addition to the normal function of providing a 4 to 20 mA current signal, DLC3010 digital level controllers, using the HART communications protocol, give easy access to information critical to process operation. Similarly, the DLC3020f digital level controller provides the normal function of reporting process level PV using FOUNDATION™ fieldbus protocol which gives easy access to information critical to process operation and will readily integrate into a new or existing control system. AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager or the 475 Field Communicator can be used to configure, calibrate, or test the digital level controller. 

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