Fisher C1 Pneumatic Controllers and Transmitters

The Fisher C1 pressure controller is a durable and dependable controller that has also addressed the need for reducing air and gas consumption. 

The C1 accurately compares sensed process pressure to the operator-adjusted set point and sends a pneumatic signal to a final control element. The control element then maintains the process pressure at or near the set point value.

The C1 has many key features and improvements over older models. It has a wide range of sensing elements from Bourdon tubes to bellows-style, covering a wide range of sensing pressures. Due to new regulations and a means to reduce running costs, the C1 has a reduced air/gas consumption rate of less than 6scfh. Along with reduced operating costs, the C1 also reduces maintenance cost by incorporating a spring-out cleaning wire for cleaning the relay orifice. The controller can be purchased in either Proportional-Only or Proportional-Plus-Reset with Differential Gap configurations and sour service as a capability.

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