Fisher 249 Series

Fisher 249Together with either a 2500 pneumatic level controller or DLC3010 level transmitter, Fisher 249 Series level sensors are used wherever rugged, dependable and simply constructed displacer-style pneumatic instrumentation is required in liquid level, interface level, or density service. 

Changes in level or specific gravity exert a buoyant force on the displacer, which rotates a torque tube shaft. This rotation is converted to either a pneumatic or electronic output, depending on the controller.

Designed for use with level cages or for direct insertion in to separator vessels, the 249 series level sensors utilize any of the many available displacer lengths that can be lowered down to the most advantageous depth in the vessel.

Available in pressure classes up to and including 2500# ANSI, the ruggedness of these products is demonstrated by their use in many kinds of demanding applications, including those in the power, chemical process, oil and gas production, and petrochemical industries.

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