ROC 800L

ROC 800Emerson’s ROC800L is a flexible yet easy to configure powerful flow computer that utilizes the well-known and reliable ROC800 platform. The ROC800L is capable of measurement and control of six liquid and six gas meter runs in a single flow computer. It is able to complete calculations for API Groups A, B, C, D, and E as well as custom liquid calculations when physical characteristics of the products are known. 

The ROC800L is perfect for Leased Asset Custody Transfer (LACT), pipeline fiscal measurement, leak detection, well testing, and Net Oil Computation (NOC) applications using double precision 64-bit math calculations to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

What sets the ROC800L apart from other flow computers is the low power draw which makes it an option even in solar applications, while retaining its high performance. The configuration style of programming makes the 800L easy to commission, and maintain with minimal testing. The hardware is rated for -40 to 75C while maintaining a Class 1 Div 2 hazardous location approval.