Config 600

The Config600 Configuration Software Suite provides tools that enable you to configure FloBoss S600+ flow computers.
Config600 is available in three different formats Lite/Lite +/Pro, so you will be able to get the correct version to suit your configuration needs. Config600 software is designed for ease of use. Dialog boxes help direct selections and data entry and drop down menus and pre-loaded field values guide you through the process of building configurations. Config600 Pro provides a full configuration workbench, and is for users who need to have full control over their application. Config600 Lite allows you to send, receive and edit existing configurations, and is suggested for users whose configurations have been initially created by their local sales channel, integrator, or the factory. The Configuration Generator is included with Config600 Lite Plus and Config600 Pro, and allows you to create configurations and specify the number of stations and meter runs, meter run types, and the calculation method.