Combustion Safety Solutions

When natural gas is burned to create heat, it also produces carbon dioxide, NOx, and sulphur dioxide, which contribute to smog and acid rain. When there is incomplete combustion, volatile hydrocarbons are created. However, by controlling air-fuel ratios, it is possible to lower emissions and fuel waste. Effective management of energy, emissions and environmental performance are critical in driving costs down and meeting regulatory compliance requirements. 

Spartan's Performance Solutions team provides industrial energy management consultations, as well as pre-packaged application solutions to address the most challenging problems in the industry. We combine this with a proven methodology that starts with proven technology selection, through to a fully integrated energy management system for improving overall site costs and environmental performance. Some of the typical results from our integrated solutions approach include: 10-15% increased steam from waste fuel, 1-3% thermal efficiency improvement, and a reduced carbon footprint of 5-15%.


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