Rotating and Reciprocating Machinery

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PIC Solutions, a division of Spartan Controls Ltd., provides integrated solutions to address customer challenges and ensures critical rotating and reciprocating equipment operates in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. Our engine and compressor control panels, patented air-fuel ratio and vent capture systems, as well as many of the other products we supply such as ignition and catalyst upgrades, have a worldwide installed base.

PIC also provides Machinery Health Management as a best-cost solution for equipment monitoring and maintenance. By offering both predictive and protective maintenance technologies, Emerson and PIC have worked to improve maintenance, reliability, and performance (MRP) aspects of our end user’s equipment, leading to less downtime and increased asset performance and efficiency.

While our products are designed for the harsh conditions in which they operate, they remain intuitive and user friendly. All of our products and solutions are supported 24/7 by field service, phone support, local inventory, and extensive education programs. 

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