Operator Training Systems

Industrial plants require highly skilled operators to manage reliability, productivity and safety of the many complex processes contained within these facilities. However, many operators do not have the experience or necessary training to deal with infrequent process upsets and abnormal situation management.

DeltaV Operator Training Systems (OTS) provide personnel with an offline environment to test the operation of various control strategies using the same configuration and operator graphics as their online DeltaV system without the worry of affecting the running process plant. DeltaV OTS systems replicate the online plant systems at the customer’s facility. OTS allows the instructor to initiate training scenarios within DeltaV to reproduce real-world plant process situations for students, making for an easier transition from training to the online plant. Spartan’s Operator Training Systems (OTS) allow users to manage experienced operator shortages, plan for highly-automated plants and increase safety.

Designed specifically for Industrial process control, the DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS) balances the benefits and open standards of commercial technologies with functionality developed for the most demanding process control applications.