Alarm Management

Unscheduled shutdowns cost the industry between two to five percent of production annually. Lack of an effective alarm management strategy has a direct and negative impact on plant operations, performance, safety and profitability. In heavy process industries, an emergency alarm that escalates into an incident can result in a shutdown. The automation industry is experiencing over $2 billion per year in equipment damage, which can be directly reduced by implementation of an effective alarm management strategy.

DeltaV solutions provide an auditable lifecycle approach to improving alarm management in your plant. Based on international alarm management standards, including the EEMUA 191 guideline and the ISA-18.2 standard, DeltaV solutions result in a reduction of 30-50% in nuisance alarms and provide overall improvement in operator effectiveness which leads to a reduction in unscheduled downtime.

Designed specifically for Industrial process control, the DeltaV Distributed Control System (DCS) balances the benefits and open standards of commercial technologies with functionality developed for the most demanding process control applications.