DeltaV Network Design

The majority of industrial plants cannot be operated without mission-critical communication systems that share data across the plant floor and all the way to the boardroom. Industrial networks and process information systems are key elements of the infrastructure required to reliably operate industrial facilities with each interconnected network systems requiring specific design and maintenance to maximize production reliability and security. Unfortunately, the design, installation and maintenance of robust and secure industrial communication structures is beyond the experience of most process control departments and requirements inherent in real-time production systems require specialized IT expertise. Requirements for regulatory compliance and cybersecurity expertise, as well as rapidly changing industry best practices often require corporations to engage a third party to design, review and assess the network security systems and controls.

Spartan's Network Solutions team of experts work collaboratively with industrial customers to provide the key industrial networking and cyber-security consulting to solve the most challenging problems From the assessment and study phase, all the way through to building the project plan and then implementing proven advanced industrial networking & security systems.