Tank Vents

Explosion and environmental protection during processing, storage and transport are a common concern. Minimization of product losses, reduction of vapor emissions, decreasing explosion risk, and keeping operating pressures close to the maximum allowable tank pressure provide a unique challenge in the industry. 

Spartan represents Protego, which offers a comprehensive line of flame arresters, valves and tank accessories that are tailored to meet market demands. Products are installed for a wide range of applications: in tank farms for flammable liquids in industrial and military applications; in chemical and pharmaceutical processing facilities; in vapor combustion plants; in biogas and wastewater treatment plants; in shipbuilding and on oil platforms; and in loading and unloading facilities. Protego provides excellence in safety and environmental design with proven state of the art technology. A worldwide network of subsidiaries, branches and representatives allows Protego to offer their support and services from the design phase up to implementation.