Rosemount 3051S

Rosemount pressure transmitterWith its scalable platform delivering integrated pressure, DP flow and DP level solutions, the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation is the industry’s premier measurement choice.


  • Achieve Record Productivity: reduced maintenance and downtime using the industry’s most reliable, highest performing pressure transmitter. Detect process and electrical loop issues before they impact production with Advanced Diagnostics.
  • Keep your operation on spec: tighten process control with Ultra and Ultra for Flow performance classes. Gain tighter control of your level applications with Electronic Remote Sensors (ERS).
  • Enhance energy efficiency: effectively track usage of steam and natural gas with Multivariable Flowmeteres. Reduce permanent pressure loss by up to 96% with Annubar Flowmeteres.
  • Safeguard your people, facility, and the environment: quickly and cost effectively add new points to eliminate operator rounds with Wireless. Limit worker exposure to hazardous areas or dangerous heights with Remote Display and Interface. 
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