After investing in a tank gauging system, customers need a way to interface with all field devices efficiently as well as a tool that can gather all of the data coming in from the field to make it available to a terminal PLC or DCS. Additionally, many terminals already have instruments from other instrument manufacturers installed.

The TankMaster Suite of software is a scalable solution that can be configured as a simple maintenance tool, a simple HMI with observed values made readily available, or in most cases, a full operator interface with complete API calculations, batch handling functions, redundancy, and more. 

Customers value the TankMaster software and have come to rely on it for providing their real time API corrected tank volumes. As a 100% in house developed tool, we have a unique ability to meet customers’ requests that have proven valuable time and time again. Additionally, the ability of TankMaster to export all of its data to a stations HMI allows it to be installed in remote area of the facility. This gives a great maintenance and troubleshooting station without the need to be under foot of the operations staff during their daily operations.

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