Danalyzer 700XA Gas Chromatograph

Danalyzer 700XA Gas ChromatographThe Danalyzer 700XA Gas Chromatograph provides the most accurate analysis of natural gas available in a field-mounted gas chromatograph. It is ideal for custody transfer applications and is ideal for contaminant monitoring of trace components such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, and oxygen, with a dynamic range from percent to trace level components down to 2 ppm measurements.

The 700XA features a design that increases analytical capability, maximizes ease of use, and widens the range of analysis options in a gas chromatograph with an ambient temperature rating of (-20 °C to 60 °C). These enhanced features make the 700XA idea for natural gas custody transfer and applications requiring advanced analysis such as C9+ (with hydrocarbon dew point and cricondentherm calculations) and C6+ with hydrogen sulfide (H2S).

Engineered with a single-cast enclosure, the 700XA offers an efficient use of oven space to accommodate both micro-packed and capillary columns, as many as four 6-port or 10-port valves, a rotary valve for liquid injections, up to two thermal conductivity detectors, and an optional micro flame ionization detector (μFID) . With a significant reduction in internal cabling, the 700XA allows maximum access to valves and internal components, making maintenance quick, easy, and cost effective.


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