Federal Signal 191XL

The model 191XL is a hazardous location flashing signal light that features the super bright LED array with XLT™, extreme Light Technology. The unit is available in 24VAC/DC, 120VAC or 240VAC and five colours: amber, blue, clear, green, and red. The 191 XL comes standard in flashing mode and is field configurable to steady burn mode for maximum functionality. 

Certified by UL as meeting Type 4X water-tight and corrosion-resistant requirements, and IP66 rated, this hazardous location warning light has an aluminum base, coated for corrosion-resistance, that can be ordered. A dome guard fits over the glass dome to protect it against accidental collision with moving equipment, such as a forklift.

Federal Signal’s super bright LED array used in the 191XL produces intense light output and 60,000 hours of service. Increased shock and vibration resistance add to this units rugged industrial portfolio of features.