Water Treatment Gas Detection

Drinking water treatment facilities take water from the environment and treat it before it is made available to homes and businesses. In water treatment plans the toxic gases chlorine and hydrogen fluoride (HF) may be present. Chlorine is used to control the growth of biological substances, such as algae and HF is often the byproduct of the fluoridation process of water. 

Det-Tronics GT3000 gas detector for chlorine is an effective way to protect against this toxic gas. The sensors are hot swappable and rated for IP 67, giving them the ability to stand high pressure wash-downs. The optional UD10 display provides relay outputs and a 1,000 point data historian that records all power up, power down fault and alarm information in a date and time stamped format, makes troubleshooting fast and easy.

The Det-Tronics GT3000 line of electrochemical gas detectors is designed to provide continuous monitoring of the atmosphere for potentially hazardous gas leaks or oxygen depletion.