Wastewater Treatment

Methane and H2S are natural bi-products of the waste water treatment process and present a challenge for traditional gas detectors because these gasses are constantly in the background. This means that the life of traditional fixed point gas detection sensors can be very short, leading to high maintenance and operating costs. 

The Senscient ELDS 2000 combined CH4 and H2S detector, represented by Spartan uses laser spectroscopy to accurately detect these gases. It is far more sensitive to the target gases than traditional technologies, never requires a replacement sensor, requires no calibration, and will not false alarm. The Senscient reduces maintenance and operating costs while increasing the safety of workers by eliminating the need for them to be exposed to the environment for routine calibrations and sensor changes. 

This Open Path Gas Detector (OPGD) is specific to hydrogen fluoride (HF). The separate transmitter and receiver assemblies are certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and can detect HF over distances of 5 to 120 meters.