REMVue PanelThe REMVue AFR® is an advanced air-fuel ratio control and monitoring system for performing a rich-to-lean conversion, as well as air-fuel control and optimization. The system can be configured as an effective stand-alone control system, or can be integrated to work in conjunction with other hardware/software systems like the SlipStream® vent capture to make the most effective impact. 

With its vast range of capabilities, including shutdown, the REMVue AFR® consistently, and safely, delivers improvements to reliability, operating costs, and overall asset performance. 

Operations with installed REMVue AFR® have reported quick return on investments (ROI) through increased revenue from higher productivity, fewer operating costs, improved safety programs, and positive environmental results.


  • OEM rated performance
  • Adaptive control enables reliable operation with high BTU fuel
  • Average fuel savings of 15%
  • GHG reduction
  • 3-16 month Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Builds a foundation for further optimization using additional PIC advanced solutions like SlipStream
  • Rich-to-Lean Conversion
  • Accurate air-fuel control 
  • Governor and process/load control 
  • Increased engine and compressor performance 
  • Safety shutdown capability
  • Compatibility with other products
A customer had outdated equipment with poor control.  Spartan provided an updated REMVue Air Fuel shutdown system that could optimize this compressor unit, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The results show potential annual fuel gas savings of $111,000 with a total annual GHG credit amount of $31,000 /yr. has been calculated at the current carbon credit rate of $15 /tonne.