Engine and Compressor Solutions

Spartan Controls has serviced the Engine and Compressor controls market in Western Canada for over 45 years. We provide complete integrated solutions, as well as niche products that address customer’s challenges and ensure engines and compressors run in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner. Spartan's engine and compressor control panels have a worldwide installed base and are designed for the harsh conditions in which they operate, while being intuitive and user friendly.

Spartan's environmental and energy efficiency solutions include patented air-fuel ratio and vent capture technologies that annually remove over 145,000 tons of CO2e emissions while delivering $2.5 million in annual combined fuel gas savings and carbon credits to end users. Air-fuel ratio systems can also bring formally non-compliant engines into national and provincial emissions compliance. All of our products and solutions are supported 24/7 by field service, phone support, local inventory, and extensive education programs.

Did You Know?

BLIERs SolutionThe proposed Base Level Industrial Emission Requirements (BLIERs) is expected to be implemented by Environment Canada in 2015. These new emissions regulations will focus on:

  • Natural Gas Engines - Primarily utilized for compression, electrical power generation and pumping within industrial facilities.
  • Boilers and Heaters - Steam Generation for various purposes in industrial process applications. 
  • Grey Cement Manufacturing Facilities. 

Power Ignition and Control (PIC) along with our major principals (Murphy, EmeraChem, ECOM, and REM Technology), have developed a suite of solutions aimed at ensuring customers will be able to meet these upcoming regulation changes for their natural gas engines. 

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